Riverside Health Center

Government Office | NYC Department of Health

This location can help you with: ​Health Insurance Assistance ​.

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160 West 100th Street, 1st Floor, Manhattan 10025

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NYC Department of Health Certified Application Counselors are available.

You can get free, in-person help applyiing for low- or no-cost health insurance through the NY State of Health Marketplace This location assists individuals under 65 years old to enroll in health insurance through New York State of Health.

Contact by phone

Call: 646-364-0711

Programs at this location

低成本和免費健康保險​Health Insurance Assistance ​

紐約市人力資源管理局 (HRA) / 紐約州衛生署 (NYS Department of Health)


Apply in person

NY State of Health 為以下人群提供健康保險助理

  • 65 歲以下的成年人
  • 低收入孕婦
  • 兒童
HRA 為您提供輔導註冊員,幫助您投保 Medicaid 和其他計畫。此項服務針對以下人群提供:
  • 年滿 65 歲
  • 領取 Medicare 福利且並非未成年兒童的父母/提供照護的親屬
  • 與殘障和/或失明者同住
  • 之前接受寄養照護的 26 歲以下的青少年

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