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What kind of help are you looking for?

It’s OK to pick more than one. Don’t worry if you forget one, we’ll still check if you may be eligible for help with all of them.

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On the next few pages, we’ll ask you about yourself and your household to find benefits and programs that you may be interested in. It usually takes about 10 minutes to answer all of the questions.

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What you should know before we begin:

ACCESS NYC Disclaimer for Public Benefit Program Screening

ACCESS NYC offers a screening tool that recommends public benefits programs for you to consider based upon information you provide about your household.

To enroll in a benefit, you need to apply through the appropriate administering agency. ACCESS NYC will tell you how to apply for any benefit on this website, but cannot guarantee eligibility. The administering agency will determine final eligibility upon your submission of an application for each program.

The information you share for purposes of public benefits screening will be anonymous and can be shared with City agencies to improve access to benefits and programs. To find out more about how the City might use the data you share with ACCESS NYC, visit the Terms of Use for, and Privacy Policy for

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Tell us a little more about yourself.

Many benefit programs are meant for people of a specific age group. Sharing your age will help us choose the programs that will be most helpful to you right now. The information you share for the purposes of public benefits screening will be anonymous.

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A little more about you.

Do any of these apply to you?

It’s OK to pick more than one. You can also leave this blank if none of these apply to you.

Do you receive any of these benefits?
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Tell us about your income.

Do you have an income?

This includes money from jobs, alimony, investments, or gifts.

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Describe your expenses.

Do you have any expenses?

This includes costs like child care, child support, rent, medical expenses, heating bills and more.

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Tell us about your household.

This is usually family members who you both live with and share important resources like food and bills. Only count your roommates if you often buy and prepare food together.

Number of People (max. 8)

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Tell us about the head of the household.

Are you the head of the household?

The head of household is the person who can represent everyone in your family and pays most of the family’s expenses. If you pay more than half the cost for your home this year, you are the head of household.

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So far you’ve told us about:

    Tell us about the next person in your household.

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    Last question! Tell us about where you live.

    Which of these best applies to your housing situation?

    It’s OK to pick more than one.

    Answer the best you can. We use this to help show you the programs that will be most helpful right now.

    Ok. Here’s what we’ve got so far: