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Last Updated Thursday, June 21st, 2:04pm

ACCESS NYC provides a mobile-friendly front door for New Yorkers to screen for benefit and program eligibility, learn how to apply, gather required documents, and find local help.

Target Audience

Benefits-seeking residents in NYC, especially those identified as groups who may need additional support such as:

  • Residents with low digital literacy
  • Residents with limited technology access, especially those who are mobile dependent
  • Residents who do not speak fluent English
  • Residents with limited visual capabilities



15+ City, State, and Federal Agencies

Key Features

Eligibility Screening
Check potential eligibility for over 30 benefits in 10 easy steps. Text or email your eligibility results.

Program Guides
Get information for over 40 city, state, and federal benefits and services. Details include: how a program works, how to qualify, what documents are needed, options for how to apply (online, phone, mail, in-person), and how to receive help.

Find Help Nearby
Search for a nearby service center, filter for relevant benefit categories, and get directions.


ACCESS NYC is professionally translated by Geneva Worldwide into English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Traditional), French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu. This makes ACCESS NYC the first website in the City to be fully compliant under Local Law 30, which requires documents and services distributed to the public by City agencies be made available in 11 languages.

How We Created ACCESS NYC

ACCESS NYC was redesigned by the Service Design Studio and Product Team at the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity starting in the summer of 2016 through an iterative prototyping process that engaged residents, social workers, case managers, and government agency staff. The new design and core user experience were created in-house, and information about each benefit was standardized, and made available either through both through ACCESS NYC and the Benefits and Programs API, a dataset that includes benefit, program, and resource information on health and human services available to New York City residents.

ACCESS NYC relaunched in March 2017 with support from our technology development partner, Blue State Digital. We continue to engage New Yorkers, providers, and government agencies in the ongoing improvement and expansion of ACCESS NYC.

Technology Powering ACCESS NYC

ACCESS NYC and its underlying content are available as open-source code and data. The ACCESS NYC eligibility screener is a single page web application powered by an API built on the Drools Business Rules Management System hosted on Amazon Web Services through the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Additional benefit program content is delivered by WordPress, an open-source content management system, hosted on WP Engine. All benefit program information on ACCESS NYC is publicly available through the Benefits and Programs API on the City of New York’s Open Data portal.

The ACCESS NYC Design System utilizes patterns from the U.S. Web Design System, the Bourbon SASS Tool Set, and Tailwind.css Utility Framework.


Awards & Recognition

ACCESS NYC Receives Award for “Best Application Serving The Public

Blog Post | Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity | 9.22.2017

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Contact Us


We offer monthly trainings for City agencies and community-based organizations and provide outreach materials via our Training & Support Page.

Last Updated Thursday, June 21st, 2:04pm