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Child Care

Child care for babies & toddlers

EarlyLearn NYC Child Care | NYC Administration for Children's Services

1. How it Works

Your child can get free child care through EarlyLearn NYC. EarlyLearn gives your child a safe and clean place to stay during the day, with games and education, preparing your child for Pre-K. Children in EarlyLearn get healthy meals and snacks and can stay for up to 10 hours each day.

  • If you are receiving Cash Assistance and in an HRA-approved work, education, or training activity you are probably eligible
  • Services are available for children with special needs
  • Child care options are also available through the EarlyLearn Head Start program (for three and four year olds) and private programs

2. Determine your eligibility

To be eligible, you should be able to answer yes to these questions:

  • Is your child between six weeks and four years old?
  • Are you working or attending an approved training or educational program for 20 hours or more per week?
  • Is your family already receiving services from either ACS or the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA)?

There are also income guidelines your family must meet to be eligible. With a few questions, we can help you find out if you may be eligible.

Take a short survey to see if you might be eligible for this or 30 other programs.

Am I Eligible?

3. What you need to include

It’s important to include the right documents when you apply. Your documents show whether the program is right for you.

This page can help you choose the right documents for your application.

Proof of who you are

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For each person applying, any one document:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Baptismal or other religious certificate
  • Official hospital or birth records
  • Adoption records
  • Naturalization certificate

Proof of where you live

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Proof of your income

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Proof of citizenship/immigration status

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4. How to Apply

4. How to apply

Here are your options.

Apply in person

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  1. Use the EarlyLearn NYC program finder and choose a provider.
  2. Download the application, visit the program of your choice to pick one up, or call 311 and request one be mailed to you.
  3. Complete the application and submit it with required the documents to the EarlyLearn NYC Child Care program site of your choice.
  4. If your child is approved for a seat in an EarlyLearn NYC center, ACS and the program will contact you about when your child can start attending. If your child is eligible, but the program has no vacancies, you may be placed on a waiting list.
  5. If you are receiving benefits from the Human Resources Administration (HRA) and would like to enroll in an EarlyLearn NYC program, visit your assigned Job Center.

Find a program

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We can send you a link to this page to help you get back to it when you’re ready.

More ways to get help with this program

Visit the website

Visit the EarlyLearn NYC Child Care website for more information.

Call 311

Ask for EarlyLearn Child Care if you need help finding a program.

Visit a center

Visit an EarlyLearn center near you for help in person.