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Health insurance for pregnant women

Medicaid for Pregnant Women | NYS Department of Health

1. How it Works

This program offers complete pregnancy care and other health services to women and teens who live in New York State and meet income and residency guidelines.

  • If you’re pregnant and uninsured, you may qualify to sign up for an insurance plan through the NY State of Health Marketplace, even if the enrollment period is closed
  • Free coverage is available regardless of immigration status
  • Extended access to family planning services is available to women who have Medicaid while pregnant but lose coverage after pregnancy
  • Babies receive health care services for at least one year after birth

2. Determine your eligibility

To be eligible, you should be able to answer yes to these questions:

  • Are you a New York State resident?
  • Do you meet the following income guidelines? Note: A household includes expected children for pregnant women.
Family size Income in a year Income in a month Income in a week
1 $28,723 $2,394 $552
2 $38,847 $3,238 $747
3 $48,971 $4,081 $942
4 $59,095 $4,925 $1,136
5 $69,220 $5,769 $1,331
6 $79,344 $6,612 $1,526
7 $89,468 $7,456 $1,721
8 $99,592 $8,300 $1,915
For each additional person, add: $10,125 $844 $195


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Am I Eligible?

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3. How to Apply

3. How to apply

Here are your options.

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More ways to get help with this program

Visit the website

Visit the New York State Department of Health

Call 311

Ask for Medicaid for Pregnant Women.

Call Growing Up Healthy Hotline

Call the New York State Growing Up Healthy Hotline at 800-522-5006

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