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Summer work for youth

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) | NYC Department of Youth & Community Development

1. How it Works

If you are between the ages of 14 and 24, you can get a summer job through SYEP. There are jobs in government, museums, sports, and more. For more help, SYEP leads workshops on finding a job and understanding your finances.

  • Apply between February and March each year
  • Selection is based on a lottery
  • Apply online or at a community-based organization during the application period
  • Work is available for youth with disabilities

2. Determine your eligibility

You may be eligible if you can answer yes to these questions.

  • Do you live in NYC?
  • Are you between 14 and 24 years old?

Take a short survey to see if you might be eligible for this or 30 other programs.

Am I Eligible?

3. What you need to include

It’s important to include the right documents when you apply. Your documents show whether the program is right for you.

This page can help you choose the right documents for your application.

A Social Security Card is required for all applicants as proof of Social Security number. All references to the word “current” means documents dated within the last six (6) months or where applicable documents which are still valid and have not expired.

SYEP does not require documents to be submitted with the application. You will only need to submit documents if you are selected from the lottery.

Proof of who you are

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For each person applying, any one document:

  • Driver license or official photo ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card for dependents
  • Social Security Card or ITIN
  • Baptismal or other religious certificate
  • Marriage records
  • Medicaid card
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Official birth records
  • Official school records
  • Adoption records
  • Other official record showing birth date

Proof of where you live

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For the household, any one document:

  • Driver license issued within the past 6 months
  • Current letter, lease, or rent receipt from your landlord with your home address
  • Utility bill (gas, electric, or water)
  • Correspondence from a government agency with your name and your street address (not a P.O. Box)
  • Documents from the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
  • Letter or statement from the government (federal, state, or city)

Proof of your income

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For each income source of each income earner, any one document:

Wages & Salary

  • Paycheck stubs (from the last two weeks in a row that you worked)
  • W2
  • NYCHA statements of family income

Cash Assistance

  • Cash Assistance budget letter
  • Cash Assistance ID card with recent withdrawal receipt
  • EFPT receipt
  • SNAP card with photo

Unemployment Income

  • Award letter or certificate
  • Award letter or certificate with benefit amount
  • Benefit statement (available on the internet)

Social Security Benefits (SSI Dependent Disability Survivor’s Retirement)

  • Current award letter or certificate
  • Current benefit check

Pensions, Annuities, or IRA

  • 1099-R
  • Statement from pension or annuity

Proof of your disability status

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For each person with a disability, any one document:

  • Proof of Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Statement from medical professional

Proof of your selective services

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For each person applying, any one document if applicable to males 18 years of age and over:

  • Record of online registration (
  • Selective Service Registration Letter
  • Stamped post office receipt

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4. How to Apply

4. How to apply

Here are your options.

Apply online

  1. Apply to SYEP online during the application period (February – March). The application for SYEP will only be available during that time.
  2. Participants are selected by lottery for the program.

Apply online

Apply in person

Youth can also apply at their community-based organization.

Find a Community Organization

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More ways to get help with this program

Visit the website

Visit the SYEP page on the DYCD website to learn more.

Call 311

Ask for Summer Youth Employment Program assistance.


Call DYCD Youth Connect at 800-246-4646 for more information.

Updated June 21, 2018