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Tax credit for working individuals and families

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) | Internal Revenue Service (IRS), NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP)

1. How it Works

The EITC is a tax credit for qualifying families, noncustodial parents, and individuals who work full time or part time or are self-employed.

  • File your 2023 tax return by April 15, 2024 to claim this credit.
  • On average, most eligible New Yorkers receive $2,300 in combined EITC benefits. The combined credit can be worth up to $11,000.

2. Determine your eligibility

To claim the EITC credit on your 2023 tax return, these must apply to you:

  1. You have a valid Social Security Number.
  2. Your income, marital, and parental status in 2023 were one of these.
    • Married with qualifying children and earning up to $63,398
    • Married with no qualifying children and earning up to $24,210
    • Single with qualifying children and earning up to $56,838
    • Single with no qualifying children and earning up to $17,640
  3. Qualifying children include biological children, stepchildren, foster children, and grandchildren.
  4. If you have no children, the EITC is only available to filers between ages 25 and 64.
  5. Married Filing Separate: A spouse who is not filing a joint return may claim the EITC if:
    • you had a qualifying child who lived with you for more than half of the year; and
    • you were legally separated according to state law at the end of 2023 or you lived apart from your spouse for the last 6 months of 2023.
  6. You had investment income of less than $11,000 in 2023.

If you are still unsure if you qualify, the IRS has a calculator that can tell you if you qualify.

Take a short survey to see if you might be eligible for this or 30 other programs.

Am I Eligible?

3. What you need to include

See a list of documents you’ll need to file your taxes and claim the EITC.

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4. How to Apply

4. How to apply

Here are your options.

Apply online

Get free tax filing help if your family earned $85,000 or less or if you’re a single filer who earned $59,000 or less in 2023. IRS-certified VITA/TCE volunteer preparers can help you file online, in person, or after you drop off your documents.

File online

Apply in person

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More ways to get help with this program

More information

Learn more about tax credits you can claim.

Find a VITA or TCE location

Call 800-906-9887 to find the nearest Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) or Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE).

Last Updated January 23, 2024

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